Magic Jewelry


A Magic Jewel.

Dancing with cords and stones, colors and patterns, that really sparks my heart, my soul.  Beautifying the World.

Beautifying YOU!! Connecting you deeper to the magnificent Being you actually are.  You know, we are all in essence sheer beauty. LOVE.

We are an expression of the ever unfolding LIFE ENERGY.  We only need to remember that.  Dis-covering our true Nature.

That is my primary focus here on this planet Earth.  That is why I have chosen to walk this humbling yet liberating path.

From the moment you discover what gives you this endless source energy, there is no other possibility anymore.

Sometimes we can use little reminders though.  A Soul Jewel can be such a reminder.  Jewelry can be beautiful, but a jewel that we

consciously create together is deeply meaningful and nurturing for your SOUL and the seeds you have planted there.

By weaving our energies into patterns around a stone that resonates with your HEART, we consciously connect to the DIVINE SOURCE.

I love finding the right crystals for you and then feeling which color they want. Waiting patiently until a pattern reveals itself.

Since it is an artistic energy work, it's maybe needless to mention that the Soul Jewel is ready when SHE chooses to.

Meaning : sometimes it can take quite some time ; ))  If you want to receive the jewel on a certain date : make sure to mention this very clearly!!

I feel totally ready, energy flowing!! 

How we do this dance together

1. Crystal Starstruck

Possibly you have already been hit by a spark in your heart about some kind of crystal.  Don't worry if you haven't, then we go

on a treasure hunt together.  Anywayz I provide pictures and prices off course of different stones and you can choose the one

that resonates most.

2. Crystal Transit

Sometimes I will have to order the crystal and so we wait....

3. Harmonizing the Details

We talk and feel about the colors of the cords.  I send pictures of the crystal with different possibilities. Do send me your wishes

and your visions, send me pictures of examples you like, or give me carte blanche, it's all up to you.  And the more energy and attention

you put into this process, the more it will feel connected and nurturing.

4. Sharing your Intention

Take a few minutes to sit in silence.  Become conscious of your breath.  What is it that you want to invite in life? 

The crystal will do it's work anyway, but it can be super powerful to consciously connect the jewel with your intention(s).

Let me know in a few short words/sentences.

5. Creation

Estimated creation time will normally be around 4 weeks.  Allthough it can take quite longer when I have to order a crystal for example,

or sometimes there is an order overload.  If it is important for you to receive the jewel on a special date, please let me know!!

We will work something out then!!

6. Completion

And then : she is ready!  You'll get a bunch of pictures just to make sure you can admire her from all sides : )

7. Smudge and Send

I will personally smudge your beautiful jewel and connect her with your intention(s), my heart and Spirit.

This ceremony deepens the energy connections between all of us, a Family of Light. 

Something about the cost and the process

First of all : I work with a sliding-scale contribution.  This means that you will get a kind of message like 'price is between €99 and €188'.

I invite you to feel what the jewel is worth for you.  At the same time it gives a bit of space for different kinds of financial flows.

The total contribution varies a lot though depending on the stones that are used and of course the level of difficulty.  Some more basic

designs will take about 3 hours of work and others will rather take 8 hours or more. 

So prices can range anywhere between €66 and €666.  But maybe it's good to say that most soul jewels end up somewhere between

€99 and €299, just to give you an idea.

Normally I calculate the exact price after creating, cause I only know afterwards how many hours I worked on it.  I can give you an estimation though!

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