Metatron cube with the Adriatic sea coast at golden romantic sunset time

Inner Work

To be in that place of total PEACE.  I am. 

It may seem so simple, but in real life most of the times it is quite a challenge for all of us.

We get disturbed by seemingly obvious stuff like a neighbor playing his music too loud in the middle of the night.

But there are also a lot of unconscious believes and patterns that create big ripples in the water, making swirls of emotions. End of peace.

To access this unconscious stuff, there are some great tools and I 'd like to share them with you.

Breath is one of them.  Breath is vital and moves beyond the mind.  I love it.  It just finds it's own way through the body and touches energetic blockages.  I like to work with two different types.

The other tool is The Work (Byron Katie).  Only when you're totally done with the same shit that is happening time and time again and you are really completely fed up with it!! Then these four simple questions will change your life forever!!

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