Your inner child is still living inside of you, somewhere between all the turmoil of your grown-up mind.  

It is waiting to be seen. To be seen with all the intense emotions that haven’t been felt completely back then because it was just too much or because adults told you it was not appropriate to feel them and to show them.

So all these unprocessed emotions found a place in your mind and body to hide.

Untill you would be ready to finally see them and feel them now.

Only when they are set free, can true joy and love and life flow freely through you 💗

This Larimar, as I sense it, can support you in that process 💙

Larimar High Quality 20x30mm
Nylon cord, not waxed
Brass beads
Adjustable length

Knots of Love 

Uchiko Larimar Empowering Jewel