Let’s celebrate our sisters!!
Wether it are human beings, or beings in another form like this jewel!!

And let’s not forget to celebrate ourselves, cause we are also a sister for somebody 🙏🏻

Dance like the swirl on the shell and fall in love with all of life’s faces.

Fall in love with all YOUR faces.

With the tears and the laughter, the wrinkles and the pimples, the not-functioning parts and the missing parts, the radiant eyes, the regrets and the shame, the crazy gifts and tremendous beauty, the just very average and not so special at all, the warmth of our hands and our arms, the idiotic ideas and funny phrases, the anger and the screaming that has been imprisoned for so long!!

Let it flow freely and just watch..... or dance ☺️

Shiva Eye Shell High Quality
Sterling Silver necklace, one length, rather short.
Linhasita Waxed Nylon

Shimai Shiva Shell Empowering Jewel