Mitsu = Nectar 🌸🌿🙏🏼

This is one of my best discoveries in 2020!!!!

Unwaxed natural LAVA  beads ☀️☀️

Just put a drop or two of your favourite essential oil and enjoy the benefits for many many hours!!

There are three different possibilities : DO, RE, MI and SOL( in fact there are countless possibilities, but how to put them all in the shop??)

I make the bracelets an average of 17cm, but please, if you need another size, put it in the message at check-out ❤️

They all have a sliding knot so the size is always a bit adjustable!

Made with 
* Tons of passionate free bliss energy
* Linhasita Waxed Nylon
* Brass beads
* Sandalwood (Do and Sol)
* Wonderfull raw Lava beads
* Kick-ass Gemstone beads

Personally, I dropped all synthetic parfum stuff some years ago cause I was thinking : smelling wonderfull can go hand in hand with my energetic wellbeing, no?  
So I only use essential oils now and it is  amazing to experience their presence xxxx
My favourites are from Young Living : Valor, Inner Child and Highest Potential (for more info about the oils, you can send me a message).


Mitsu Lava Crystal Bracelet for Essential Oils

Waxed Cord Color
Style Bracelet
Gemstone Beads 6mm