Feel fully embraced by life with this delicate Lotus bracelet!

The message of the Lotus Flower is one I carry close to my heart : even when it’s roots are growing in the dark and the mud, it produces the most magnificent flowers !!!!

As a lot of women know the struggle to become reborn in their true feminine strength, I want to express my admiration for us, sisters from all over the world.  

Many many hundreds of years it has been extremely difficult for women to stand their holy ground. And we carry this in our energy, in our DNA.

But the good news is that our roots always kept on growing and as we become more and more conscious of what it means to be a woman, we flower like the Lotus!

What does it mean for me to be a true woman?
To become more and more free in myself from old negative conditioning about my talents and my body. To hold space for my fears and insecurities. I do this mostly with Connective Breathing. As my own fears and insecurity are loosing it’s grip, I can move more freely through life, meet new people, connect with men and women, enjoy deep soul connections without expectations or clinging, make visible to the world what I am here for without putting myself above others or keeping myself down, being emotionally present and safe for my kids and at the same time acknowledging being perfectly imperfect, being more and more constantly aware of my body, of the energy moving, my breath, tapped into nature, being fully alive in the moment, giving in to intuïtion, more and more trusting and surrendering to the unfolding of life, expressing in a respectful and connected way about my truth and boundaries..... and so so so much more ..... and constantly evolving..... this process.... so beautiful and ugly at the same time ......

Knots of Root Power

* bracelets are standard made about 17cm (let me know in the message at the checkout if you need another size!!)

* made with Linhasita Waxed Nylon, real and beautiful quality gemstone beads.

* made with a sliding knot so size can be adjusted
(minimum about 17cm, maximum about 27cm, so you can get it over your hands off course)

* brass is nickelfree
* silvercolored beads nickelfree

Lotus Bracelet Macrame

Waxed Cord Color
Gemstone Beads 6mm