Total emptiness is somewhat scary for most of us. But that is just the fear of the unknown.

Once I did this shamanic sacred burial ritual. As I was lying in my self dug grave, with only a very small channel to have enough oxygen, at first I had my eyes closed firmly. Because I was afraid that this total darkness would give me claustrophobia. 

After a while I very gently opened my eyes a little. Complete darkness. Even after minutes and hours there was no adjustment from my eyes.

But what struck me the most was that it felt so soothing and endless. There was no tightness at all. It was like I was floating in the Universe. I experienced such space!!

So, sometimes it is just that we don’t know yet how it actually will be, that scares us the most.

This Rainbow Obsidian Eye will guide you when you explore a state of full emptiness.

Rainbow Obsidian 
Linhasita Waxed Nylon
Adjustable length
To be worn rather short

Kukyo Rainbow Obsidian Eye Empowering Jewel