Snakes shed their skin every once in a while.

Why? Because they have grown and the old skin becomes to tight and also to get rid of parasites.

Now that is a quite beautiful idea, is it not?

How much have you grown, evolved, in experience? Or how many old believes, that don’t serve you anymore, are still attached to you?

Maybe it is time to shed some old skin!!

Snakes do this by making a rip in the old skin. The rip could be an event in your life that upsets you in the first place.....

But relax and breathe : you are just going to shed your old skin and you’ll feel all new in a while ☮️

Leopard Jasper 24x40mm
Non waxed nylon
Silver coloured beads
Adjustable length

Hebi Leopard Jasper Empowering Jewel