Storms can be intense!! No doubt about that!

So what can you do?

* You could practice in being flexible. The more flexible you are, the smaller the chance you will crack during a strong wind.

How to practice this? Well, each day can give  opportunities. What about each time a small thing changes, you rather go with this flow than trying to hold on to your own plan.

* Another option is to grow strong, connected roots.  Did you know that the roots of trees and other plants are all connected to each other? It’s like a huge nervous system, communicating, sharing, supporting!

How to practice this? Go out! Check your feeling about places you go. When you feel this ‘pull’ towards something, go there.  Connect with likeminded people that celebrate you. And take good care of yourself in how you nourish your body and mind. What kind of fuel are you using?

This Pietersite will assist you 🌪🌪🌪

Pietersite 31mm
Silver coloured beads
Linhasita Waxed Nylon
Fixed length 52cm

Arashi Pietersite Empowering Jewel