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INVITE me into your world of wonders!!  Maybe you already have a stone by your side for ages, or you fell in love with this stone energy that you saw somewhere, maybe in my webshop.  It is ALL possible. 

CONTACT me in any way!!  You can either send me an e-mail :                 .  Or maybe you rather go surfin'

on the waves of the gemstone-ocean in the webshop :                 .  ENJOY!!  And don't hesitate to ask me

all the questions and special requests that you might feel.  I often embark on a good search for special gems.  In that case I send you pictures and prices of several possibilities.  YOU CHOOSE.

Off course; if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, or you live closeby : we can meet up and drink some Yogi tea and discuss your wishes ♥

I will GUIDE you in every step we take, sharing what I feel and/or see, about the stone and the design. 

From the moment we have chosen THE STONE, we enter the world of cords and colours and styles.  It can be quite helpful to send me pictures of what you have in mind : simple, sophisticated, long, short, ... Pictures you either found on my website, or somewhere else, all is welcome here. 

Some folks know exactly what they want, and some leave a lot open for interpretation.  Just choose what feels right for you at this particular moment in your LIFE : safety, security, adventure, comfortzone experiments?

I'm READY!!!!! And I will probably ask you for a partial contribution, especially when I have to order a stone.


Actually it's not magic, it is the most natural thing, and it is at the same time!  You see : ALL is ENERGY.  You, me, the stone, the cords, ... we are all CONNECTED , all vibrates on it's own frequency and starts to interact.  I just follow this flow.  A new creation comes to life.  So in a way it is just energy that mingles, and that is just so awesome!!  The whole of this thing called life, and all living creatures on this planet and beyond, the whole Universe.... it is kinda magical that it all exists!!

What can make it more powerful is that you visualize your dreamjewel and that you connect with the image and the energy from time to time.  Experiment with an openness and give yourself permission to receive the most empowering and supporting jewel ever!  Maybe you also want to connect with an intention.  This is my invitation.  And at the same time it is totally okay if you don't feel like doing this at all beloved friend!!

Once the jewel is finished, I send you a pic, OFF COURSE!!  And it seldom happens that it doesn't resonate, but it does happen, that's why I send a picture first and you can start smiling ♥

After I have received your payment, I will send your package very swiftly!!

And last but not least : you RECEIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a beautiful jewel that will lift you up and feel like a close friend, a warm bath of just the right frequency for you on this moment in your life!!

I create the jewels with lots of love and attention.  Macrame is a slow process.  Every creation takes many hours to unfold.  And it feels so wonderful to follow where it wants to go.  This means that I would ask you to take in account 2 to 3 weeks until delivery.  If you need a creation very soon, for a special occasion, don't hesitate to contact me and we can probably work something out!!

Knotting but Love


If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe

think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Nikola Tesla

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