Empowering Jewelry

Dive deep into

the Divine Field

within Yourself

and connect

with ancient stones.

Just Be

with this new


Observe the Flowing


Let it Raise

Your Vibration.

Fall in Love.

Move Freely

In this world.

Spreading Your

Unique Talents.

You are Truly




Jewel Journey

1. Contact me in any way : e-mail, contactform, messenger, whatsapp, ...

2. Share your wishes and ideas about the jewel you are dreaming of !! It's also a good idea to give me a price indication, cause, depending on the price of the stone and  the amount of work, it can go anywhere from €50 to €500??

3. I share from my experiences and intuïtion what will work best...

4. I search for your dreamstone and share pictures with you, with different price categories, so you can feel wich resonates most with you.

5. When the stone arrives @ my place, we talk about cord colours again.  I work with waxed nylon cord 1mm and 0.5mm. 

6. Last decisions about little details : )

*OPTIONAL*  We have a Zoom meeting/Whatsapp Video call/Facetime for 1 hour. In this hour I will be making the wrap for the stone, while we talk about life, your longings, your emotions, your challenges in that particular moment.  This way your energy is being interwoven with mine and with the jewel.  It will be loaded with our heart connection and love.  A true talisman.  An Empowering Jewel.  This option is + €50.

In this 1 hour the jewel will not be finished yet, but I wouldn't want to take all your time ; ) as it often takes 4 to 5 hours or even more to finish.

8. When the jewel is finished, I send a picture first.  And you can feel the complete vibe and design.  When I have your approval, I'll make a 'Special Order' link in the webshop and you can proceed to check-out/payment.

If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe

think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Nikola Tesla

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