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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

This seems a good start to start up my blog again : feeling a complete YESS again and ever deepening for my passion of beautifying the world with macrame jewelry.

A few years ago, three or so, a coach asked me what it was that I would like to bring into the world. And I began telling her : writing a book, facilitating meditation circles, creating jewelry, giving private healing sessions and maybe even more I don't remember!! She said : hmm, no, I don't feel it. I do not feel the spark when you're talking about these things. It is too much, your energy is fragmented and like this you will never be able to give enough attention to your activities so that they'll become a success.

She said : you have to choose one thing to start with. And maybe, once this thing has strong roots, you can add another. I felt a bit agitated, cause how could I possibly choose? I am a creative being, I have ALL these great ideas hahahaha. But there was no chance to escape, we engaged in a very simple key test. And I came to notice that the one thing I kept on doing, even while breastfeeding every two hours, was MACRAME. So needless to say what my choice eventually was.

I started to focus on Dharmacrame : organizing workshops, making myself more visible on social media, spending a lot of time on creating jewelry, restyling the website,... in other words : keeping the fire burning. And man!! I began to realize what a job this was : keeping the fire burning when it's still small. Did you ever make a fire outside?? Then you will know that at the start, you can not walk away from it, not even for a minute. You have to pay close attention. But that's what I did and began to enjoy it more and more. Something magical happened. I could feel that 'this thing' also began to choose me. A kind of exchange-channel opened up and more creation energy was flowing effortless.

One of the first workshops on the picture above.

It was a great adventure and I was experimenting with all kinds of macrame possibilities. Wallhangings, planthangers, jewelry, handbags, candle lights, workshops, markets, ... becoming a point of sale for macrame tools and supply, tutorials, you tube channel, ... The one thing that I ran short in was TIME. Never enough time, especially with three kids and another parttime job. Deeply grateful for all of it though. I learned a lot! Becoming better at explaining macrame during the workshops, finding the best way to get everyone going with the basics. Noticing that some markets are just not the thing for me. Becoming a point of sale implies big budgets to start-up and me ending up preparing packages and bringing them to the post-office??

Then there was the great MOVE. I had to move out of the house where I was living and the first Lockdown was a fact. Making it even more challenging then it already was to find a new home. For a long time I felt the longing to be more close to nature and to cut down my monthly costs. I decided to move into a yurt surrounded by pinetrees. Amazing! Being close to nature all the time was so nurturing for my soul. One thing : I had to let go of 2/3 of all my 'stuff'. At first this was a bit challenging, so I put a lot of it in a transit place, my mum's garage haha. But I didn't miss a thing, living without it.

Cosy Cosy in the yurt.

Actually I don't quite know what happened next, cause it was a very subtle and natural movement inside. I became more aware of the energy of the stones and the weaving of the patterns, more aware of my nature as well, more aware of nature surrounding me and overal I felt so much more at ease, relaxed, fulfilled, lighter, magnetic. More orders were coming in, especially the 'specials' with an underlying need for healing. Creating these pieces made me end up in total bliss together with the receiver. I also got a message from a friend that it was good work to connect Light Family like this. Yess!! I could sense it and even see it : weaving a web of light!! Connecting brothers and sisters by exchanging energy, sharing the joy for life. Feeling that all there is, is energy in motion. And every thought and action and emotion making a movement in this energy. Our mind way too small to understand the impact of our actions and thoughts. If you know that even making a sound in the snowy mountains can cause a huge avalanche....

So I guessed it made sense to focus again. To choose again. To say YESS again to the thing that sparks my soul the most and that comes down to BEAUTIFYING. Beautifying by creating radiant jewelry, connected to intentions, interwoven with energy, making it not just an beautiful jewel, but a talisman, a reminder of your potential. AND doing this my way. Not the commercial way. But very personal. Finding a balance also in the financial aspect. If I were to apply mainstream prices, each jewel would cost somewhere between €500 and €1000. Wow, that makes me feel really strange. I would be able to buy a nice house then with a big piece of land and an expensive car on the driveway. Maybe I'll experiment with that a bit ; ) Anywayz, what's more important for me is to really feel a connection with the one I am creating for. And trusting in the Divine Will that it is perfect as it is right now. Giving it also room to evolve and grow. And I accept that my home will be the one on the pic below :D

My Tiny Home, waiting for some BEAUTIFYING !!!!!

Although it feels terrifying at some moments to choose only for macrame soul jewelry (will I be able to bring in enough money to take care of my children and myself? is the biggest fear), it also feels very empowering and liberating. That gives me the courage to go on. Cause I've been on the other side for too long. I had it all, the money, the house, the car. Not that these things are bad in itself. But I felt empty. Cause I was not doing what sparked my soul!!! And it took me a while to find the strength to let go of the idea that all good idea's create a large flow of money from the beginning. It is really not what you should focus on. Focus on the fulfillment, the joy, the spark!! Grace will take care of everything else. That can be a great challenge, especially when you have children and your a single parent. Actually you have to let go of all your limiting believes. Still in process : )

Me being very happy with saying YESS again to Soul Jewelry and my purpose on this planet.

Knots of Love


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