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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Yeah!! If you feel that I might have inspired you in any way and you have heaps of money, or not, that you would like to share : welcome!!

And often I too have this feeling, that I want to share my abundance with others. In my case this abundance comes in the form of cuddles and talks and smiles and stuff, helping a friend in need, cooking for them, welcoming them at my place, making them feel safe and beautiful actually..... So off course I thought that it could very well be that people having an abundance of money, sometimes also like to share!

On social media I have been writing a lot about my own experiences the past year, just to let you know that you are not alone with all these challenges and fears and shadow sides and seemingly stupid life choices. To give an example on how you can create your LIFE with ups and downs, and how to use all situations and people that appear in your 'play' as invitations to grow, rather then failures and setbacks that suck all the energy out of you.

I don't want to convince you in any way. Only do it when you feel it.

The donations will be used to invest in my Soul Jewelry Mission!!

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