Kristina Dharma


Once I attended a Shamanic Ceremony called 'Ecdysis'.

It was about shedding your old skin (old habbits, patterns, believes) and choosing to step through the portal of being completely new alive.

We gathered beautiful flowers and we were asked to pull all the petals of the flowers and lay them in a big pot with water.  Later on the water would be poured over our bodies.

I remember sitting there and feeling sad about the flowers,

it felt a bit that they were dying.

But then the flowers began to talk to me.

They said : don't be sad!

We are not really dying, we are TRANSFORMING!

Our energy will merge with the water!

And it will also merge with YOU!

We will live through you!!

I can still feel it now as I am writing this.

This endless and effortless loving energy of NATURE!

So this is what it feels like when I am creating with these unique and vibrating stones.  Ancient pieces of forgotten wisdom!  As I hold the stone in my hands, the colours of the cords and the patterns seem to just unfold.  This old knowledge of knotting creates a web of energy, or something, I can not quite explain it, but it is totally different to wear compared to a silver or gold necklace with a stone.

Macrame is also more about BEING then doing, for me.  I don't have to think about it, it comes naturally.  Like a meditation.  Just sitting and knotting and breathing.  Hours and hours and hours. Forgetting to eat or drink.  Slowing down.  Focus.

It could be an escape also; really, I have considered that.  Like all things, it has it's time and place.

Actually, learning to wait for the invitation of the stone to be transformed into a jewel, is what I am discovering recently and wich brings me even greater joy!

Deeply grateful that life brought about, through loving brothers and sisters, the opportunity to dive into this world of wonders!!

Knots of Love

Kristina Dharma

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