Journey Jewel

--- when creations become prayers ---

So I was wondering...what would happen if we consciously connect our intentions during the creation process?  What if the receiver of the jewel is with me the whole time and we intertwine our energies, taking time to share from heart to heart, inviting new spirits in our lives, laugh, dance, drink tea (or coffee haha), heal and...create...

and thus we go on a little journey together!

I invite you in my magic cabin, in the midst of pine trees and yellow sand...

Four fluffy cat friends at your service!

And me too of course...totally at your service.

 something like this :

10:00  Warm welcome with a drink and  a heartsharing

11:00  Reiki or Breathing Session

12:00 Choosing the Crystal

12:30  Fooooood

13:30 Spirit Activation

14:00 Creation time

18:00 Smudge

Bijdrage : €666

Stuur me een sms voor meer info :